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Performing Group Recital tickets will go on sale at 8 am Saturday May 29th! 


  Tickets are $13.50 (with taxes and fees it's around $15/ticket) and will be purchased online by clicking the link below (tickets won't show when you click the link until sales open Saturday morning)


There will not be a limit on how many you can purchase  


2 and under do not need a ticket

There are 4 different performing group recitals:

Friday GREEN Recital 5 pm

Friday PINK Recital 7 pm

Saturday PINK Recital 5 pm

Saturday GREEN Recital 7 pm

Be sure to buy tickets to the correct recital!

Seats marked as handicap accessible (blue seats) are only for those in a wheelchair, there will not be an actual seat there.

Boy performers will receive a pass that will grant them access to the show, they do not have to buy a ticket.  

Little Vicki's will be given a code for their dancer's ticket.  They will sit with parents until they perform so they will need a seat with you.  

You can text 318-286-0201 or email with any questions!

Seating Chart

Left Side

Left Center

Right Center

Right Side

seating chart