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Performing Group Recital tickets will go on sale at 6 pm this Thursday May 11th!
  Tickets are $20 and will be purchased online by clicking the link below (tickets won't show when you click the link until sales open Thursday evening)
There is not be a limit on how many you can purchase  
2 and under do not need a ticket

There are 2 different performing group recitals on May 21, 2023:
2:00 pm & 6:00 pm

Be sure to buy tickets to the correct recital!

For handicap accessible seats we suggest purchasing an outside aisle seat and
one of our ushers can assist you in moving the chair out of the way.  

Boy performers will receive a pass that will grant them access to the show, they do not have to buy a ticket.  

Little Vicki's will be given a code for their dancer's ticket.  This code can only be used one time. They will sit with parents until they perform so they will need a seat with you.

You can text 318-286-0201 or email with any questions!

ticket link won't be activated until Thursday 6 pm


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