This week in class we are handing out Dress Rehearsal armbands ,VIP Passes & Performing Group Parent Passes. Read below for a description of each. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions! You can email or text 318-286-0201.

Dress Rehearsal Armbands

Each Performing Group family will receive 1 armband for each Dress Rehearsal. All adults must have an armband to get in the door for Dress Rehearsal. You must have the correct armband on for the day you are there. Dress Rehearsal is not open to the public, arm bands are to be used for dancer's families only. 

*Siblings are allowed in without an armband

Performing Group VIP Passes

Each Performing Group dancer will be given a "VIP" pass  with a lanyard.  These are to be kept by the dancer at all times. This will allow them in the VIP entrance & access to all the dressing room areas at all times. Performing Group dancers will be in both halves of the recital so they will stay backstage the entire show. Without the pass they won't be allowed in the areas they need to go, this is their ticket.  We suggest putting their name on it. Lost cards will be replaced for a $25 fee.

Performing Group Parent Pass

Each Performing Group dancer will be given a Performing Group Parent Pass which gives one

female guardian access to the dressing rooms before and after the show on the day of Recital. No men are allowed in the dressing rooms so please make arrangements if necessary. This pass does not get you entry into the CenturyLink Center, only access to the dressing room areas.  No performing group parents are to be in the dressing rooms during the show.