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CLASSES START Tuesday September 5TH, 2023


Bossier City Location



4:30 - 5:10     Kindergarten

4:45 - 5:35     2nd Grade

5:10 - 5:50     1st Grade

5:35 - 6:05     2 Year Olds

5:50 - 6:30     4 Year Olds

6:05 - 6:35     3 Year Olds

6:30 - 7:20     3rd - 5th Grades

4:00 - 5:00     Tumbling Level 1

5:00 - 6:00     Tumbling Level 2


4:30 - 5:00     3 Year Olds

4:45 - 5:15     2 Year Olds

5:00 - 5:40     4 Year Olds

5:15 - 5:55     Kinder/1st Grade

5:40 - 6:30     3rd Grade

5:55 - 6:35     Mini Hip Hop (K-2nd)

6:30 - 7:10     Jr Hip Hop (3rd - 5th)

6:35 - 7:25     2nd Grade


4:30 - 5:10     4 Year Olds

4:50 - 5:30     Mini Hip Hop (K-2nd)

5:10 - 5:40     2 Year Olds

5:30 - 6:10     1st Grade

5:40 - 6:10     3 Year Olds 

6:10 - 6:50     Kindergarten

6:10 - 7:00     Middle/High (non performing)

7:00 - 7:30     Little Vicki's

Shreveport Location



5:15 - 5:45     3 Year Olds

5:45 - 6:25     4 Year/Kindergarten

6:25 - 7:05     1st Grade

7:05 - 7:45     Hip Hop (K-5th)

5:00 - 5:30     2 Year Olds

5:30 - 6:10     1st Grade

6:10 - 6:50     4 Year/Kindergarten

6:50 - 7:40     2nd - 5th Grades

Summer Fun


Princess Experience

July 6, 2021


Hip Hop Experience

July 13, 2021


Lyrical Experience

July 27, 2021


2 Year Olds: This class is designed to introduce a love for dance to our tiniest dancers! We allow one parent to come into class with our babies until they are comfortable coming in by themselves. The toddler song choices are sure to bring a smile to your tiny dancer's face. It is 30 minutes full of continuous fun and learning in an organized environment.  It provides a great way to expose them to social interaction. Participation in one recital dance. Must be 2 by Sept. 30, 2021

3 Year Olds: This class teaches jazz, tap and a fundamental introduction to ballet. The curriculum for these little dancers is designed to instill a life-long love of dance while they are making lifelong friends! During this 30 minute class, the songs used are easily recognizable by all 3 year olds and will get them up and moving! Participation in one recital dance. Must be 3 by Sept. 30, 2021

4 Year Olds / Kindergarten / 1st Grade: These classes teaches jazz, tap and ballet technique.  During this 40 minute class we will rotate genres of dance, teaching fundamentals of all three while encouraging the uniqueness of each dancer. This 45 minute class will consist of music selections that are loved by the dancers in each age group while being appropriate for their age. Participates in one recital dance. Must be the age or grade by Sept. 30, 2021


2nd Grade / 3rd Grade / 4th Grade / 5th Grade (non-performing group): These classes teach jazz, tap and ballet technique. During this 50 minute class we will rotate genres of dance, teaching fundamentals of all three while encouraging the uniqueness of each dancer. This class will feature music choices that while being age appropriate will still hold their interest. These classes will participate in two recital dances, a jazz and a tap.  Must be the grade by Sept. 30, 2021

Middle & High School  (non-performing group): This class teaches tryout preparation, jazz, technique and hip hop. We will work on preparing dancers to tryout for danceline, cheerleader and performing group, not only working on fundamentals but also getting dancers ready to perform in front of judges or an audience. Participates in one recital dance. Must be 6th-12th grade by Sept. 30, 2021    

Mini & Jr Hip Hop (K - 2nd Grades): These classes will consist of floor work, progressions and dances all in the hip hop style of dance while still being age-appropriate. Participates in one recital dance. Any dancer enrolled in hip hop in addition to their grade combo class will receive 20% off hip hop monthly tuition.  Must be the grade by Sept. 30, 2021

Tumbling (Level 1 & Level 2) BOSSIER ONLY: Level 1 you must be able to do a cartwheel unassisted; Level 2 must be able to do a cartwheel, round off, backwalkover and/or frontwalkover unassisted.  Minimum grade for both levels is Kindergarten by Sept 30, 2021


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Little Vicki's Dancers (4 year - 3rd Grade) BOSSIER ONLY: Little Vicki’s is a non-audition performing group for pre-K through 3rd Grade. It is so much fun! The dancers get to perform almost everywhere the Vicki’s Dancers Performing Group performs. This group focuses on performance skills, applying them in performances at venues such as Red River Revel, school carnivals, Spirit Nights and Six Flags Over Texas.  Little Vicki’s also perform in the Christmas Extravaganza with our Performing Group as well as the performing group recital at the end of the year. Little Vicki’s Dancers must be enrolled in another class within the studio to be in Little Vicki's. Our Little Vicki's will meet from August - December on alternating weeks as well as extra practices when preparing for a performance. We will have a clinic in June but if you are not able to attend we will send a video for the girls to practice with before their first class (Little Vicki's will also meet several times in August before regular classes resume in September - you will receive a calendar for that). There is a $25 registration fee to join.  Monthly tuition is $40 in addition to regular tuition. The required parts of the performance outfits will cost around $150.  There will also be an optional jacket and backpack to purchase in addition. Must be the age/grade by Sept. 30, 2021



Vicki's Dancers (4th - 12th Grade) BOSSIER ONLY: Prior enrollment at Vicki's is not required*. Vicki's Dancers Performing Group is an elite performing group made up of ladies in 4th - 12th grades. Vicki's Dancers perform at venues such as Red River Revel, Six Flags Over Texas, school spirit nights, parades, Walt Disney World, as well as many others.  Vicki's Dancers are so much more than just the best dancers in the state - the girls become a family and learn the value of hard work and dedication all while having fun doing what they love. Vicki's Dancers put on two big productions each year - our Christmas Extravaganza in December & our annual performing group recital at the end of the dance year.  These are both Broadway style productions that keep the audience entertained from beginning to end.  Upon auditioning and making the performing group, you will be required to complete one of the two technique clinics offered in June. We will order performance outfits after tryouts.  The required parts of the performance outfits will cost around $150-$200. Regular class times are typically Friday evenings for 4th/5th grade and Saturday mornings for middle school and high school. Extra practices will take place throughout the week when preparing for a performance. The performing group has their own calendar of practices they receive each month.  *anyone entering 11th or 12th grade who is not currently a Vicki's Dancer will not be eligible to tryout. Must be the grade by Sept. 2021  

2021-22 Tuition Rates

30 minute class                      $60/month

35 - 45 minute class               $65/month

50 - 60 minute class               $70/month

Little Vicki's (no discounts)     $40/month

Tumbling (no discounts)         $70/month

Performing Group                  $100/month

**Individual Dancer multi-class discount 20% off hip hop class

Non- Performing Group Sisters Discounts

2 sisters          $20/month discount

3 sisters          $40/month discount

4+ sisters        $60/month discount

Performing Group Sisters Tuition

(applies to families with one or more in 4th - 12th Performing Group):

2 sisters                     $150/month

3 sisters                     $175/month

4+ sisters                   $200/month

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