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Vicki’s School of Dance is in its 50th year and is currently teaching 3rd generation students from the Bossier/Shreveport area.  Our goal is to teach your child the fundamentals of dance training while having fun.  At our studio we enjoy the diverse personalities that each child has.  Vicki’s School of Dance encourages individuality and uniqueness in every child, focusing on building not only great dancers but ultimately great people.  Our combination classes are designed to keep students’ interest while developing a wide range of skills in jazz, tap, hip hop, ballet technique and stretching.  Our success with dance line training is the best in the area. Over the past 

Vicki's School of Dance stresses performance skills, precision, and confidence! 

We offer two performing groups who perform free of charge at school functions, festivals, fundraisers, non-profit organizations, etc.  Vicki’s Dancers Performing Group is an auditioned group that ranges in age from 4th grade to seniors in high school.  Little Vicki’s Dancers are 4 years old to 3rd grade and don’t audition but are required to be enrolled in a weekly class in addition to Little Vicki’s. 

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